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notsougly's Journal

Coyote Ugly
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Alright everybody...put on your cowboy boots, order a drink, hop onto the bar, and girls...WE WANNA SEE YOUR BRAS! Because here at Not So Ugly we are ready to pump up the volume and party all night!

Welcome to Not So Ugly, a role playing community based on the wicked movie Coyote Ugly. The game takes place sometime after Violet finally broke out of her shell and became a big part of Coyote Ugly which is when she sang "One Way Or Another" and before she got kicked out for having Kevin at the bar.

So pour some sugar on us and enjoy the show here at Not So Ugly!

Character's Taken:

- Cammie (The Russian Tease)
- Lil (The Original Coyote)
- Violet (Jersey Nun)
- Rachel (The New York Bitch)

Character's Free:

- William Sanford (Violet's Dad)
- Kevin O'Donnell (Violet's Boyfriend)
- Zoe (The Retiring Coyote)
- Gloria Molinario (Violet's Best Friend)
- Lou (The Bouncer)

Wannabe a Coyote crazy person? E-mail!!

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