Rachel (coyote_rachel) wrote in notsougly,

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Last night was pretty wild. Cammie and I were up on the bar the entire time, shakin' our asses off and flirtin' with any guy we could get our hands on. Cammie, the little tease, almost went through with screwin' some guy, but then decided not to. I, on the other hand, got squeezed, grabbed, and touched until I thought I was gonna pop. Then one last guy reached for my ass, and that was the last straw.

I pulled back my fist and popped him one on the nose, and then started beatin' him up. Heh... Cam and the others were cheerin' me on, until Lil had the guys kick him out. Spoilsport. Anyway, we all made a lot of money, Cammie especially(the little slut). Hey, I'm not one to argue, I didn't do very bad last night either. I think more guys go for the teasin' than the punchin', but I got a punch in tonight, I'm not complainin'.

I'm just about ready to collapse, don't even know why I'm writin' this. G'night, everyone.
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