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Shopping & junk

Well, everyone went shoppin' yesterday. I bought another pair of leather pants and this nice black halter. Can't have too many of those. Besides, Lil's got a feeling that tonight we're gonna be bringin' it in, and when Lil has a feeling, we all gotta go with it. She's always right about that sort of thing. Probably because the bar is like her baby.

She also wants us to head in early tonight, which means I've gotta head to my anger management class in an hour or so. They've really helped... except for one night last week when this guy was hittin' on Cammie and I had to pop him one before Lou threw the jerk out on his sorry ass. I almost got reported for that, too. I'll have to watch it. Don't want to go on probation or anything.

I'm gonna go see if Cammie wants to do somethin' before my class.

xx Rachel
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