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Wild Night!

Oh man, what a night! It was crazy in there! I loved it!

Rach and I were up on the bar the entire time dancing our asses off and everybody was just drooling over us. They all wanted us, I could see the desire in their eyes. I thought about maybe giving one of the cuties a private show later on but then decided not to. I am still with Al, you know! *wink* He gets a little grumpy when he thinks I might be teasing the guys...and some of the girls too much. I can't help it, I'm the tease!

Oh well...enough about him and more about tonight. I was flaunting it like crazy in my new pink leather pants. I was so excited when I bought them! They go so perfectly with my pink midriff halter. See the guys like it when they see a girl who's sweet and sexy, that's why I like the pink. I like to look innocent but really, according to Lil, I'm not innocent at all *sweet smile*.

Wow all this talk of innocence makes me want to go do something a little not so innocent. I bet Al's still awake! I'll show him just how much adrenaline I have pumping through me after a big night at the bar.

<3 Cammie
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