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"But I do love you!!"

I can't believe it! It's way too good to be true! I've practically been jumping up and down since I heard the news! I got a new record contract, and they want me to sing on it! Not only that, but they want the girls to sing background vocals for me. We were all singing on the bar a few weeks ago, and someone came up to me and gave me their card. They're with Virgin Records! They said I have real talent, and they want the girls to sing with me. I told them I was already a song writer and that LeAnn Rimes is singing my songs, but they said they didn't care. They wanted me to sing them! I used to be so afraid of singing publicly, but I've been doing a little more of it lately and I've really gotten into it.

So girls?? This could be our big break! As in our own CD. I can't believe this! Kevin is telling me to get off-line so we can call everyone but I'm just shaking so much and breathing so hard that I don't think I can talk. They actually want me to sing. They don't just want my songs now!!
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